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Pioneer CDJ2000 & CDJ-900 NEXUS Platinum Editions Debut At NAMM 2013

Pioneer rolls out the big guns with the latest release for their CDJ series. At a time when DJs are moving towards the new controller-driven era, Pioneer still keeps the basics at arm’s reach with a vid that shows off the new abilities of their new CDJs. From a DJ standpoint, I can do with or without CDJs. 

I own a Pioneer DDJ We-Go controller which does everything I need it to. Make no mistake tho, I still own an authentic pair of Technic 1200s that I’ve owed for almost a decade and still work like a charm.


- #MrMixshow


Tech Game: X-Box Kinect For Your Laptop?

Microsoft’s popular full-interactive gameplay module, X-Box Kinect, may be making it’s way to your PC laptop. Microsoft has developed 8 laptop that will potentially feature the X-box app, allowing a full-fledged gaming experience that, I’m certain, laptop users have never seen. Get the FULL STORY here.

- Averi

Tech Game: Introducing the Numark iDJ Pro

In an industry destined to dumb down the DJ piece by piece, we have stumbled upon yet another remind of why new technology is not always good technology. Courtesy of Numark. It may work for some but as far as I’m concerned, Technic 1200s reign supreme. Get the full article at